Week Six: Storytelling through Design

Daily Creates

This week, I missed the first daily create for Tuesday, as for the other two I did were #tdc2239 and #tdc2240. Where I found the poster for #tdc2239 was from the poster stand seller during the 1st semester. I was really unsure what the context #tdc2240’s photo was supposed to be, but I made an assumption through the daily create.

Considering Design

The TED talk videos were very entertaining to watch, because usually the speakers are subtle joke tellers. Watching the videos were not boring, in the end I learned that I will most likely not use their designs because they’re unique to them. As for Canva, it showed me the various ways to create simplistic modern designs that one would see at Target.


The way I found all my photos for the DesignBlitz was walking two trips down college walk. The locations of where I found my photos were at the bulletin board in front of Lee Hall, Monroe Hall, Woodard Campus Center, UMW’s mail room area, and Eagle Landing. The difficulty was finding certain posters/ads that fit the criteria for each type of design.

Design Assignments

Another fun week of using Photoshop to my fullest ability, if needed I can create a tutorial video on how I made my photos. How I create my custom Pokemon card was through a website that helps you create one for free!

Survival Camps,  Participation, Evidence Hunting

I was very shy and was not sure who I wanted to join, but eventually I was force pushed into a group.

Question of the Week

What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

Last semester I worked in a group project, and what made it work was communication with each other and the dedication. We met up at the HCC or one of our rooms and brought snacks to keep us focused. We had grinded out the project in a couple days because we knew that this project was worth a large percentage in our grade.

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