Week Five: Audio Storytelling

Create Yourself Anew

Out of the choices that I got to choose, creating social media posts was the best option because the amount of background on Robert Neville was not much. All that I knew was it was set in Los Angeles in 1976. I really wanted to create a resume at first but it did not work out because of the insufficient information.

Considering Audio

What I forgot to consider is the voice the teller has, because for Jad Abumrad he has a radio voice as not all people would have. I believe for the teller to make a connection to the listener they must be well spoken to emit the images. One thing that Jad mentioned was cool for voice and today’s tech was warping audio, which inspired me to warp my audio in my creations!

Creating Audio

This part of the week assignment was a learning experience because I’ve never had to create audio or use Audacity. One thing I will take with me in the future for content creation is the use of background noises that will help make that connection. If anyone wants to know how to make yourself sound like you are on the telephone click this here!

Question of the Week

How are you feeling? Be specific.

Health-wise, I’ve gotten over my sicknesses, and to prevent any further sicknesses for awhile I’ve been taking Vitamin C gummies. School-wise, It has been smooth sailing for most classes, I am taking multiple Computer Science classes so it isn’t too bad. Sports-wise, I competed this past weekend at CNU for CACs, I came into the competition thinking I’m going to beat my personal record. But, I got too tired because I took too many warm-up jumps. Now I know not to do too many before the actual competition. So that is how I’ve been feeling this week.

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