Week 2: Planning, Characters, & Site Work

This week was packed full of reading and analyzing different types of apocalypses! It started of with creating a story either from truth or fiction. My story that I created was fiction, however it could be possible! The inspiration was me thinking in my head “What is the most absurd way to start a fight by accident?”. From there on a seed planted in my head and grew to be that outrageous story I have ever written. The next assignment was a lot longer and took awhile to think, read, and watch about. Started with a BBC special about this man that goes through many apocalyptic scenarios. Very cheesy CGI and editing but for the most part still entertaining. Next off we have a book on science fiction that was not really for the most part about an apocalypse being bad, but actually good for society. That side of an apocalypse is never really touched on. Next task to read excerpts of several novels that will entice us into reading. Out of all of them I chose “I Am Legend”, which I find the most interesting to me because of the film and what really happened in the book, which was never brought into theaters. My character that I chose to define my character type was coincidentally the main character from “I Am Legend”.  I touched up the theme of my blog to set the theme of a zombie apocalypse, which I find really fitting. For participation points I followed other classmates on twitter and instagram! As for class planning I thought that creating one large story with the whole class would be chaotic. I think that we would have to wait for every single classmate complete their part of the story. There would also be plot holes and the story straying off into a tangent. However, it could work out into one awesome story for the school to read.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I would rather not be forgotten as zombie but rather a survivor and fighter. I do not want to go down without a fight even if it means going through the hardship of losing the ones I love. However, if I am strong enough I believe in my abilities to keep the ones I cherish alive along side me.

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2 Responses to Week 2: Planning, Characters, & Site Work

  1. Martha says:

    Your theme is perfect — it looks like we will all be participating in one storyline this week. It’s going to get chaotic and I suspect you’re right, there will be tangents — but hopefully it will be fun.

    How are you feeling by the way? I hear there’s some strange bug going around campus . . .

    • admin says:

      Oh my gosh, I was feeling very ill as well! When I heard that you were getting sick I knew there was something up with the school. It felt more of a sinus infection than a cold though, so it wasn’t too bad because I had to breath through my mouth for two weeks.

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