Week 10 Weekly Summary

I’ve had Sony Vegas Pro for a very long time now, but I’ve only used it once or twice to edit videos for the video games I play. Starting off with the movies to review and show what video techniques were used, I chose 28 Days Later. This movie was always a favorite, I remember watching it at an early age and the amount of fear and nightmares I had after were engraved into my head. When I saw 28 Days Later on the list, I immediately knew which scene I wanted to analyze. I used StreamLabs OBS, to make the videos this week, commonly used to stream video games and content creating.

Path One

I chose this path because I like to do assignment banks. I chose the flashcard assignment is because it’s one that I am familiar with seeing on the internet. Making the video was actually pretty difficult making, making sure the monitor doesn’t reflect on your glasses, making sure the camera can pick up the written words, and what is your last index card, etc. I’ve always wanted to make tutorial videos because I enjoy teaching others nifty tricks and tips so choosing the assignment to create a tutorial video on how to use a certain software was the way to go.

Question of the Week

What question would you like to ask the class?

What do you guys think could be in the next couple last weeks of the semester?

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