Thinking about Photos!

What I learned (through the Tips page)?

Although many of the tips I have already known, but what I took out of the tips page was: Pay Attention to the Moment and But a Great Foreground in Front of a Great Background. Most of the time I take still photos and never really tried to take photos of the object in action, which I think can show beauty of still-action. For a great foreground in front and great background helped put the words “What lies behind is even greater” into a picture.

What I found (on Abandoned America)?

The pictures I found on Abandoned America were phenomenal. The photos emit emotion and questions you want to ask just from looking at a photo. They sent some chills and the eerie feeling of ghosts they also led me to asking, “How did it come to this?”.

What photos you took (during your Photoblitz)?

I used the rule of thirds and depth to created these photos.


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