That Bucket List Though

Before I kick the bucket, here are some things I would like to do before I go!

  • Sky Diving
  • Have a billion dollars piled in front of me
  • Go to space
  • Set a world record
  • Ride all the roller coasters in the world

Reason why I chose sky diving, is because I believe that activity is the most adrenaline inducing activity. Why I would have a billion dollars in front of me is because I just want to see that large amount of money that I could never obtain. Going to space would be one of coolest because feeling weightlessness and seeing Earth from another perspective would be awesome. Setting a world record would put you in the history books so I would not want to be forgotten. Lastly, because I am a thrill seeker, I want to visit all the roller coasters in the world and make a chart from coolest to lamest.

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One Response to That Bucket List Though

  1. Martha says:

    this seems ambitious — what world record would you want to break and what would you actually do with a pile of a billion dollars?

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