Random Story!

It all started with a banana peel on the ground at a diner. How did it end up there and who got it there? His name is Carl Steezer, a nobody from nobody town. Little did Carl know that he is about to start a total chaos in this small town. A big biker gang called the Blue Spiders show up to the diner, they are big, scary, and intimidating. Carl is sitting near the end of diner at a booth close to the bathroom. Behind Carl was an elderly woman named, Beatrice. One member from the gang walks past Carl, as he plans on going to the bathroom. and steps on the banana peel by mistake and slips. The man gets up, angry from the embarrassment, and looks straight at Beatrice and believes she tripped him. The bike member doesn’t care its an old lady and proceeds to bully her. Soon after another gang called the Red Snakes come in for lunch and sees another is already in the building, they go to the other side of the diner to sit. One member of the Red Snakes sees a member from the Blue Spiders bullying an elderly man, as he approaches the member to stop the bullying, he slips too! The member of the Red Snakes pushed the member from the Blue Spiders by accident from the fall. The member from the Blue Spiders thinks the member from the Red Snakes is trying to start a fight. In result, started a whole fist and knife fight in the small diner, plates are flying, food is being thrown, and random townspeople are scared for their lives. The waitress calls the police to end all this chaos, they show up to the scene and stopped the fight. The policemen asked one question, “How did it start?”.

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