Final Project

              The year is 2032, population is reaching over 12 billion, resources are steadily on a decline, and the atmosphere is 5 degrees higher than it was in 2010. The world has never came to a resolution to how they will bring control and balance back to Earth. Sooner or later, the destruction of Earth will be due to the human race. The date is July 4th of 2032, America is celebrating it’s independence day. Everyone is outside spending their grand day. An asteroid the size of a school bus is directed to hit the east coast near the city of Fredericksburg. At 10:55 PM, the asteroid lands directly in the middle of Downtown, the inhabitants of the town come closer to inspect the crater that was created. As they draw close and the smoke dissipates, the view of a green like substance is spewing from the rock. Suddenly, the rock spits out the green substance into a man’s face, he is panicking and screaming as he in udder disgust of what has entered his mouth. He vomits and falls unconscious, everyone surrounds him to see if he is alright. The man opens his eye, they are bloodshot and surrounded by puss. He grabs the nearest person’s leg and bites time and goes on a murderous rampage. The man bitten runs in horror and collapses soon after to be reanimated as the first infected man.

4 hours later since the initial spread of the disease, the CDC and military takes action. They were unsuccessful in the process and the infection has spread to 60% of the world. However the surviving members of the human race traveled north where it is colder and harder for the infection to spread. Years later, the infection is nearly extinct, the population of the planet has reached 2 billion, civilizations collapsed, resources are steadily on an incline, and the atmosphere’s temperature is stable. On the bright side it looks like in order to save the human race as well as the earth there would be a need of an event so large that it wipes out large populations.

Final Summary

Overall, this class was the most fun I’ve had with a class in awhile, personally it was a learning experience and pushed me to learn to create content I’ve always wanted to do. With the topic of this class, I believe it was perfect and really set a format for endless possibilities out of content creating. The pace the class had was just right and perfect and did not set out to be a challenge like some of my friends would say. Thank you for the experience and have a great summer :).

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