Design Reflection

How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?

I feel like I would be using the resources from Canva, all together I really like the designs from there. As for Scher and Carson, what I could use is the abstract and sometimes more literal design for the specific object/setting.

Which resonated with you the most any why?

Canva’s designs resonated with me because their designs are simplistic with a modern feel to it. If I were to create a design in a specific way, I would go with the large font and abstract background to send the message. For some reason the designs give an aesthetic feel to me.

Did any of them seem to contradict each other? If so, what do you make of that?

Scher’s designs were more on the literal side, getting to the point in the message that the companies wanted. As for Carson, his designs were very abstract and came with some deeper meaning, giving you the action to think what he made. I see Carson’s designs are more for textbooks as he did and they fit that setting as for Scher’s fits modernism in public spaces, which she executes perfectly.

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