Design Assignments

Alternative Book Cover

I created this book cover to represent that there is a day-side and night-side of the book. In the dark side of the city are the vampires who run rampant in the night in the moonlight. As for the light side of the city, shows Robert Neville where he runs during the day in the sunlight.

Character Design

Here I put my Character’s design in a house where he has to hide in during the nights. Why I put him in there is because it is home base and where he works. He watches the world from his window at night to avoid vampire contact.

Choose Your Own Design


I really wanted to do this because I loved collecting Pokemon cards as a child. Now I was able to make my character into a card with a his set of abilities! Why I chose gun sling as a move is because Robert carries a gun when he’s in the city. I made an ability quick think because Robert is able to get himself out of very tough situations.

Martha’s hat:

I got this idea of a poster was from seeing missing dog posters that come along with phone number strips. The important of the hat to Martha is equivalent to losing one’s beloved pet.

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