Choose Your Own Apocalypse

What did you think about the versions of the apocalpyse outlined in End Day? How would you react in the situations that were shown? Which situation was most frightening (or silly)?

I believe the five versions are pretty standard and most popular in media that we have today.

Tsunami – I would hold on to my dear ones because it is unlikely I would survive this unless I was in a plane, space, or live very far in-land. If it were the case, then now I would like to live no where near a large body of water.

Meteor – If I were to live on the opposite side of the earth that is predicted to be hit then I would be fine. But if it was on the news then I would prepare evacuation and leave as soon as possible.

Pandemic – I would gather my friends and family then move up north where it is colder and harder for bacteria to survive.

Volcano – I would try not to live in the vicinity, move before it erupts, or live in an area that is not in the path of destruction. For example, its predicted that the eruption would react the eastern boarder of the U.S. but not affect the west. Therefore, I would move to the west or another country.

Strange Matter – Can not do anything if the only result is a black hole and eats the whole earth in minutes.

What I think is the most terrifying is all of them, however the strange matter would be silly because knowing the benefits does not out weight the risks.

What did you learn about apoc/post-apoc science fiction in the Routledge article that you didn’t already know?

I learned that new technology would lead to a new world, however it does not have to be bad all the time. The results could be beneficial to mankind but have a downside to it. As time goes on catastrophes would just be a mark for a new era.

What are your initial reactions to the novel excerpt you read? Is this a book you would continue to read? Why or why not?

I would read I Am Legend because I’ve seen the film before, but most movie adaptations do not show all the details of the book. Plus this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

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  1. Martha says:

    Great novel choice — I’ll be interested in hearing your thoughts about how it differs from the movie!

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