Alternate Ending to “There will come soft rains” by Ray Bradbury

In the nursery the jungle burned. Blue lions roared, purple giraffes bounded off. The panthers ran in circles, changing color, and ten million animals, running before the fire, vanished off toward a distant steaming river…
Ten more voices died. In the last instant under the fire avalanche, other choruses, oblivious, could be heard announcing the time, playing music, cutting the lawn by remote-control mower, or setting an umbrella frantically out and in the slamming and opening front door, a thousand things happening, like a clock shop when each clock strikes the hour insanely before or after the other, a scene of maniac confusion, yet unity; singing, screaming, a few last cleaning mice darting bravely out to carry the horrid ashes away! And one voice, with sublime disregard for the situation, read poetry aloud all in the fiery study, until all the film spools burned, until all the wires withered and the circuits cracked.

The fire burst the house and let it slam flat down, puffing out skirts of spark and smoke.
In the kitchen, an instant before the rain of fire and timber, the stove could be seen making breakfasts at a psychopathic rate, ten dozen eggs, six loaves of toast, twenty dozen bacon strips, which, eaten by fire, started the stove working again,hysterically hissing!
The crash. The attic smashing into the kitchen and parlor. The parlor into cellar, cellar into sub-cellar. Deep freeze, armchair, film tapes, circuits, beds, and all like skeletons thrown in a cluttered mound deep under.
Smoke and silence. A great quantity of smoke.
Dawn showed faintly in the east. Among the ruins, one wall stood alone. Within the wall, a last voice said, over and over again and again, even as the sun rose to shine upon the heaper rubble and steam:
“Today is August 5, 2026, today is August 5, 2026, today is…”


A man with a fedora, satchel, whip, and looks similar to Harrison Ford enters the home.

He scurries around the house looking for a place to hide with seconds til doom.

At last he finds the best suitable shelter to hide in to survive.

He opens the refrigerator door and empties the contents.

The earth is rumbling, sky is blinding bright, and can feel his demise.

He successfully closes the door!

The man, woman, and children are incinerated in seconds.

The refrigerator flies through the sky, tumbles several times til it lands miles from the blast.

The man pops open the refrigerator and crawls out, first thing he sees is a prairie dog.

Then taken by the government and is washed down by a radiation team.



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