Revision Reflection

What I chose to revise is from my previous Juxtapose which I had a lot of fun doing and it was really cool how it came out. What I changed rather than have my girlfriend and I being unaware of the zombies coming after us, I have a picture of myself running for my life. If you’re wondering what happened to my girlfriend, she is safe and sound so don’t worry. This original picture is from my freshman year of high school in track and field. Hope y’all get a good laugh. (please excuse the trash running form)

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Radio Show Reflection

It was a blast having our show being played on the DS106 radio! I can finally say I was on radio as an achievement. While listening my only problem was sound was only playing through the left ear mostly, not sure how that happened because it was normal before we submitted it. On the twitter side, it was fun replying and reading everyone’s positive input on our production while listening. Although, I did not participate in this weeks listening part of other’s shows.

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Week 7&8: Radio Shows


This week took a different stride as it transition from being solo to group work. All together the group I was automatically assigned to was the best group I could imagine. We were proficient in creating a well designed and quality content. Eric, from working with him, has a voice for radio. I could not believe he was able to create the southern hillbilly accent for the radio show. We went to the HCC’s basement and recorded in the vocal booth, which is a very cool place to use to record your voice in high definition. How I contributed with the radio show creation was making the script and ideas to make this radio show more interesting along with including my character.

My Design Project

What I created is bumper stick/logo. How I got the idea to create this professional looking logo is because I stream me playing video games. For my bio I created labels using this link. It has full customization to make your stream look more professional.

Question of the Week!

If the apocalypse were to happen, and you had to become something. . .else. Which kind of something would you want to be and why?

I would think becoming an alien would be pretty cool, it would mean I was born in the right time for space travel. Although losing my family and friends would be ultimately sad. However, the suggestion of being a time traveler would be also awesome. But being the hero to prevent the apocalypse is a big responsibility that I would probably couldn’t take up for the challenge.

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Week Six: Storytelling through Design

Daily Creates

This week, I missed the first daily create for Tuesday, as for the other two I did were #tdc2239 and #tdc2240. Where I found the poster for #tdc2239 was from the poster stand seller during the 1st semester. I was really unsure what the context #tdc2240’s photo was supposed to be, but I made an assumption through the daily create.

Considering Design

The TED talk videos were very entertaining to watch, because usually the speakers are subtle joke tellers. Watching the videos were not boring, in the end I learned that I will most likely not use their designs because they’re unique to them. As for Canva, it showed me the various ways to create simplistic modern designs that one would see at Target.


The way I found all my photos for the DesignBlitz was walking two trips down college walk. The locations of where I found my photos were at the bulletin board in front of Lee Hall, Monroe Hall, Woodard Campus Center, UMW’s mail room area, and Eagle Landing. The difficulty was finding certain posters/ads that fit the criteria for each type of design.

Design Assignments

Another fun week of using Photoshop to my fullest ability, if needed I can create a tutorial video on how I made my photos. How I create my custom Pokemon card was through a website that helps you create one for free!

Survival Camps,  Participation, Evidence Hunting

I was very shy and was not sure who I wanted to join, but eventually I was force pushed into a group.

Question of the Week

What’s been the most successful group you’ve been a part of and what made it work?

Last semester I worked in a group project, and what made it work was communication with each other and the dedication. We met up at the HCC or one of our rooms and brought snacks to keep us focused. We had grinded out the project in a couple days because we knew that this project was worth a large percentage in our grade.

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Design Reflection

How do these three resources influence your own approach to tackling design work this week?

I feel like I would be using the resources from Canva, all together I really like the designs from there. As for Scher and Carson, what I could use is the abstract and sometimes more literal design for the specific object/setting.

Which resonated with you the most any why?

Canva’s designs resonated with me because their designs are simplistic with a modern feel to it. If I were to create a design in a specific way, I would go with the large font and abstract background to send the message. For some reason the designs give an aesthetic feel to me.

Did any of them seem to contradict each other? If so, what do you make of that?

Scher’s designs were more on the literal side, getting to the point in the message that the companies wanted. As for Carson, his designs were very abstract and came with some deeper meaning, giving you the action to think what he made. I see Carson’s designs are more for textbooks as he did and they fit that setting as for Scher’s fits modernism in public spaces, which she executes perfectly.

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Design Assignments

Alternative Book Cover

I created this book cover to represent that there is a day-side and night-side of the book. In the dark side of the city are the vampires who run rampant in the night in the moonlight. As for the light side of the city, shows Robert Neville where he runs during the day in the sunlight.

Character Design

Here I put my Character’s design in a house where he has to hide in during the nights. Why I put him in there is because it is home base and where he works. He watches the world from his window at night to avoid vampire contact.

Choose Your Own Design


I really wanted to do this because I loved collecting Pokemon cards as a child. Now I was able to make my character into a card with a his set of abilities! Why I chose gun sling as a move is because Robert carries a gun when he’s in the city. I made an ability quick think because Robert is able to get himself out of very tough situations.

Martha’s hat:

I got this idea of a poster was from seeing missing dog posters that come along with phone number strips. The important of the hat to Martha is equivalent to losing one’s beloved pet.

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Week Five: Audio Storytelling

Create Yourself Anew

Out of the choices that I got to choose, creating social media posts was the best option because the amount of background on Robert Neville was not much. All that I knew was it was set in Los Angeles in 1976. I really wanted to create a resume at first but it did not work out because of the insufficient information.

Considering Audio

What I forgot to consider is the voice the teller has, because for Jad Abumrad he has a radio voice as not all people would have. I believe for the teller to make a connection to the listener they must be well spoken to emit the images. One thing that Jad mentioned was cool for voice and today’s tech was warping audio, which inspired me to warp my audio in my creations!

Creating Audio

This part of the week assignment was a learning experience because I’ve never had to create audio or use Audacity. One thing I will take with me in the future for content creation is the use of background noises that will help make that connection. If anyone wants to know how to make yourself sound like you are on the telephone click this here!

Question of the Week

How are you feeling? Be specific.

Health-wise, I’ve gotten over my sicknesses, and to prevent any further sicknesses for awhile I’ve been taking Vitamin C gummies. School-wise, It has been smooth sailing for most classes, I am taking multiple Computer Science classes so it isn’t too bad. Sports-wise, I competed this past weekend at CNU for CACs, I came into the competition thinking I’m going to beat my personal record. But, I got too tired because I took too many warm-up jumps. Now I know not to do too many before the actual competition. So that is how I’ve been feeling this week.

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Call Me, Beep Me and May I take your order?

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Frequency 2156, Can You Hear Me?

Why do you think the creators chose audio as the medium?

I believe it sets the tone of an apocalyptic world, because they would not have TVs nor internet. Radio signals can move across the world and is very reliable for communication.

How well does the crowd-sourced audio work to tell this post-apocalyptic story?

It they tie together is by having a source of communication that can be reached by anyone who is at the right frequency. Thus, creating a sense that the whole world has gone to ruin and looking for help and answers.

What would you do differently if you had created this story?

I would not do anything differently, I believe this idea is awesome and could reflect what it would look like if the world was to end some how.

How I contributed?

I created an entry of a man who has run out of resources in the bitter cold begging for help as he has a child to care for. Why I threw in the child is because in a post-apocalyptic situation the population is depleting and they need to keep procreating in order to prevent the human race to go extinct.

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Reading and Resource Reflection

Tell us about your experience with audio coming into this class.

Prior to this class my only experience to audio was with my mom, who was once a radio host. She was a Vietnamese radio host and she would talk all night at the station. From personal experiences, I used to make videos and made sure my audio was clear for the listeners.

What did you learn from what you looked at above?

I learned that there is a VocalBooth at the HCC, and the different uses of sound or vocals to induce imagery into the listener’s head. I learned that using someone’s voice or any piece of audio can be warped around to create other sounds.

What resonated with you and what didn’t make sense?

What resonated with me was that the speaker and listener are in a co-operation of creating the images they seek to share. What I came to realize that today’s radio hosts are closely related to shamans because of their ability to create an influence through their voice.

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