That Bucket List Though

Before I kick the bucket, here are some things I would like to do before I go!

  • Sky Diving
  • Have a billion dollars piled in front of me
  • Go to space
  • Set a world record
  • Ride all the roller coasters in the world

Reason why I chose sky diving, is because I believe that activity is the most adrenaline inducing activity. Why I would have a billion dollars in front of me is because I just want to see that large amount of money that I could never obtain. Going to space would be one of coolest because feeling weightlessness and seeing Earth from another perspective would be awesome. Setting a world record would put you in the history books so I would not want to be forgotten. Lastly, because I am a thrill seeker, I want to visit all the roller coasters in the world and make a chart from coolest to lamest.

I like to move it move it

What was your favorite part?

  • My favorite part was living with one the greatest people I know
  • Being able to live on my own
  • No bed time!

Least favorite?

  • Taking responsibility for myself
  • Taking care of myself
  • Carrying heavy boxes

Was it hard saying goodbye?

  • It was very exciting to be able to live on my own, but saying goodbye to my parents was a little hard but was expected.

The move-in crew made moving in feel like a new home and made it easier for me to carry my heavy boxes!


Week 2: Planning, Characters, & Site Work

This week was packed full of reading and analyzing different types of apocalypses! It started of with creating a story either from truth or fiction. My story that I created was fiction, however it could be possible! The inspiration was me thinking in my head “What is the most absurd way to start a fight by accident?”. From there on a seed planted in my head and grew to be that outrageous story I have ever written. The next assignment was a lot longer and took awhile to think, read, and watch about. Started with a BBC special about this man that goes through many apocalyptic scenarios. Very cheesy CGI and editing but for the most part still entertaining. Next off we have a book on science fiction that was not really for the most part about an apocalypse being bad, but actually good for society. That side of an apocalypse is never really touched on. Next task to read excerpts of several novels that will entice us into reading. Out of all of them I chose “I Am Legend”, which I find the most interesting to me because of the film and what really happened in the book, which was never brought into theaters. My character that I chose to define my character type was coincidentally the main character from “I Am Legend”.  I touched up the theme of my blog to set the theme of a zombie apocalypse, which I find really fitting. For participation points I followed other classmates on twitter and instagram! As for class planning I thought that creating one large story with the whole class would be chaotic. I think that we would have to wait for every single classmate complete their part of the story. There would also be plot holes and the story straying off into a tangent. However, it could work out into one awesome story for the school to read.

In the event of a zombie apocalypse, would you rather be turned into a zombie or have everyone you love turned into a zombie? Why?

I would rather not be forgotten as zombie but rather a survivor and fighter. I do not want to go down without a fight even if it means going through the hardship of losing the ones I love. However, if I am strong enough I believe in my abilities to keep the ones I cherish alive along side me.

Choose Your Own Apocalypse

What did you think about the versions of the apocalpyse outlined in End Day? How would you react in the situations that were shown? Which situation was most frightening (or silly)?

I believe the five versions are pretty standard and most popular in media that we have today.

Tsunami – I would hold on to my dear ones because it is unlikely I would survive this unless I was in a plane, space, or live very far in-land. If it were the case, then now I would like to live no where near a large body of water.

Meteor – If I were to live on the opposite side of the earth that is predicted to be hit then I would be fine. But if it was on the news then I would prepare evacuation and leave as soon as possible.

Pandemic – I would gather my friends and family then move up north where it is colder and harder for bacteria to survive.

Volcano – I would try not to live in the vicinity, move before it erupts, or live in an area that is not in the path of destruction. For example, its predicted that the eruption would react the eastern boarder of the U.S. but not affect the west. Therefore, I would move to the west or another country.

Strange Matter – Can not do anything if the only result is a black hole and eats the whole earth in minutes.

What I think is the most terrifying is all of them, however the strange matter would be silly because knowing the benefits does not out weight the risks.

What did you learn about apoc/post-apoc science fiction in the Routledge article that you didn’t already know?

I learned that new technology would lead to a new world, however it does not have to be bad all the time. The results could be beneficial to mankind but have a downside to it. As time goes on catastrophes would just be a mark for a new era.

What are your initial reactions to the novel excerpt you read? Is this a book you would continue to read? Why or why not?

I would read I Am Legend because I’ve seen the film before, but most movie adaptations do not show all the details of the book. Plus this is one of my favorite movies of all time.

Random Story!

It all started with a banana peel on the ground at a diner. How did it end up there and who got it there? His name is Carl Steezer, a nobody from nobody town. Little did Carl know that he is about to start a total chaos in this small town. A big biker gang called the Blue Spiders show up to the diner, they are big, scary, and intimidating. Carl is sitting near the end of diner at a booth close to the bathroom. Behind Carl was an elderly woman named, Beatrice. One member from the gang walks past Carl, as he plans on going to the bathroom. and steps on the banana peel by mistake and slips. The man gets up, angry from the embarrassment, and looks straight at Beatrice and believes she tripped him. The bike member doesn’t care its an old lady and proceeds to bully her. Soon after another gang called the Red Snakes come in for lunch and sees another is already in the building, they go to the other side of the diner to sit. One member of the Red Snakes sees a member from the Blue Spiders bullying an elderly man, as he approaches the member to stop the bullying, he slips too! The member of the Red Snakes pushed the member from the Blue Spiders by accident from the fall. The member from the Blue Spiders thinks the member from the Red Snakes is trying to start a fight. In result, started a whole fist and knife fight in the small diner, plates are flying, food is being thrown, and random townspeople are scared for their lives. The waitress calls the police to end all this chaos, they show up to the scene and stopped the fight. The policemen asked one question, “How did it start?”.

Week 1: The beginning of The End

This week marks the beginning of the DS106’s, The End. I created a new twitter, soundcloud, and instagram, which can be found @dnguyenUMW. I had a slack channel for my FSEM, which I rarely used and I find that it will come to use with future classes. I already had a UMW domain prior to this course from a computer science class, so figuring out cPanel was not so difficult. What I found out about cPanel from this class is installation of add-ons such as WordPress, which is I found out to be very useful and cool! I haven’t made a YouTube video since I was probably 10 creating videos with my cousin and friends, which range from skits to video game content(If you really want to see it, email me: and I’ll send a link). What I added to the bunker was Rick’s Portal Gun from Rick and Morty, I’m not sure what the rules are to what we can add, but the portal gun can take you to any place in the universe(s).

Press on the logo to go to my media account(s)

How I made my video

I used OBS (Open Broadcast Software) I usually used this program to stream me playing video games to Another thing about OBS is that it is completely free with no ADs!

Question of The Week

What is your own personal relationship with apocalyptic or post-apocalyptic fiction?

  • Are there particular stories (from books, TV, movies, etc.) that have resonated with you? Why?

SPOILER ALERT!! One particular scene that resonated with me was when Glenn from The Walking Dead was killed. He was one of the most loved characters and in the show, he has a pregnant wife and they were a power couple. On the first episode of season 7, unexpectedly Glenn is beaten to death with a bat wrapped with barbed wire. After that scene I felt like I could not continue with the show because he was my most favorite character from the show.

  • What genre of the apocalypse (zombie, alien invasion, plague, etc) seems particularly interesting to you? Why?

Zombie/Plague has always been an interest in me, even in my dreams! Here and there I would think about where I should go, who do I go with, and what should I do. I really enjoy watching zombie movies and shows because I think about if that could possibly happen and sometimes I have nightmares about it. The shows and movies just add this roller coaster of emotions that other genres can’t reproduce.